Lose Weight For The Summer

Lose Weight For the Summer

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Lose Weight For the SummerSmith Mountain Lake, Virginia has some very popular activities and beautiful lakeside spots for planning your summer around. Unfortunately, some of us are feeling as if we don’t want to see the sun much this summer because over the winter we stored up some extra insulation.

Number one, this culture needs a reversal of values. Somewhere along the line, we have lost sight of what matters and have become all about external beauty and cosmetic change. If only there was as much emphasis on internal beauty and reformation, what a different world we could make.

Number two, it is of course true that too much excess weight can be hard on the heart and create other health problems as well.

It is perhaps what we eat that is at the core of that problem. Too little real, health-building food and too much processed, refined, fast food. Sitting at our computers and desks and in front of the television doesn’t help matters any either. So for those of us who need a helping hand in being healthier and getting the pounds off, talk to some of the nice folk at these businesses to find the right sort of plan for you.

Essence Aesthetics offers a medically supervised Weight Management Program which has been shown in studies to result in an average of 52 pounds of weight loss in those who need dramatic weight loss.  For more information call  540-719-1684.

SML Wellness & Fitness – Looking to lose weight or just improve your overall health?  Need guidance, encouragement, and motivation?  Call, Personal Trainers with 30+ years of fitness experience and a passion for helping people improve their lives.  (540) 871-0220.

Curves For Women – Westlake Corner, VA
95 Westlake Rd., Ste. 107
HARDY, VA 24101
(540) 721-7032

Rocky Mount, VA
832 Tanyard Rd.
(540) 489-4411

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