Essential Lake Decor

Make Your Lake House Look the Part: Essential Lake Decor

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Lakeside living is a lifestyle like none other, and the décor of each lakeside house is a special part of the experience. Combining a mixture of maritime, vintage, and traditional motifs, lake house décor has a chic flare all its own.

Essential Lake Decor
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Whether you’re a seasoned lake house resident or avid decorator in search of genuine lake house designs, use these interior decoration tips to give your home a cozy and authentic lake house vibe.

Use a Fresh, Light Color Palette

The use of light colors is common for lake and beach houses alike. In general, maritime-themed interior décor makes generous use of whites and light pastels. However, when using these colors it can be easy to cross the line from tasteful to tacky. To avoid going overboard, pick a bright white as your primary color and use just one or two other colors as accents throughout the home, one darker color at most.

The light, ethereal atmosphere that this color scheme can impart to a waterside home makes for a gorgeous and understated living space.

Ditch the Drapes

One of the main reasons for taking up residence in a lake house is to enjoy the beautiful views, so don’t keep them from joining your interior décor ensemble. Except for bedrooms and bathrooms, the windows in your lake house should be uncovered to allow you and your guests to witness the gorgeous setting in which your home is situated. Plus, extra natural light will improve the aesthetic of any living space.

Bring in Maritime Subtleties

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Decorators need to be extra careful when dealing with maritime accents. Every lake house needs the appropriate maritime accouterments, but it only takes a few too many to ruin the feel. Avoid items that are too new and artificial or too old and dingy. Tastefully worn wooden buoys, duck decoys, and so on are good choices when seeking maritime accents, and they can be found easily in local thrift stores and antique shops.

Choose Antiques Carefully

In the minds of many, there is a memory of a lake house rental from summers long past, with quaint fixtures and decades of character. Channeling that image into your home with tasteful, quality antiques can give your home a whole new element of rugged authenticity. Look for simple pieces with specific purposes – an old kitchen table, headboard, or wardrobe. These salvaged gems are sure to add character to your home.

Incorporate Raw, Unfinished Accents

Nothing works better than a few raw or unfinished accents to offset the bright white color scheme of the typical waterside home. For example, cast iron dining room chairs can add a rustic edge. Rough, unfinished supporting beams of hardwood, if they are present in your home, should be uncovered to show off their character. Incorporate these elements into your home to tie together a completed lakeside look.

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