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Lake EffectsNearly everyone has heard about the movie, Lake Effects, being produced in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia. Here are some interesting news items on how the movie has already been honored.

In Nov. 2010, Sara Elizabeth traveled to Richmond to accept the First Lady’s Opportunity Hall of Fame Award on behalf of the film “Lake Effects.”

First Lady Maureen McDonnell created this recognition program to shine a spotlight on those individuals, activities, programs, and organizations who are taking the opportunity to leave the Commonwealth a better place than they found it.  “Lake Effects” was recognized for the economic opportunities it brought to our community and the Commonwealth.

“Lake Effects” also received the Governor’s Motion Picture Opportunity Grant for the economic growth it has provided for the SML Community. This grant exists to support the film and video industry in Virginia by providing grants for production companies and studios that produce projects in the Commonwealth using Virginia employees, resources, goods, and services.

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