Natural Food Stores Near Smith Mountain Lake

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In a world where furniture polish is made from real lemons and lemonade is made from artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, and food coloring, we never know what is really in the products on our grocery store shelves. But more and more people are taking responsibility for finding out these days.

As consumers like you and me become aware of the terrible price we and our children are paying for the additives, preservatives, hormones, antibiotics, and refining processes of what we are eating, we are becoming more willing to pay the extra dollars to purchase whole and natural foods.

In the neighborhood of Smith Mountain Lake and nearby counties we have a number of health food stores which provide a wide selection of alternatives to over-processed foods and prescription drugs. Nearly anything in the drugstore or supermarket can be found in these more naturally oriented stores, without many of the common chemical additives and “with” more of their natural goodness intact.

Health Nut Nutrition in Lynchburg, Va     website:

VITAZEN at the Westlake Towne Center in Hardy, Va. Phone:540-721-9365.

The Well, LLC iBedford,Va. Email:Kendalwell@aol.cowebsite


                                                                                                              NATURE’S OUTLET in Roanoke, Va. with three different locations in Roanoke and Salem (Phone 540-989-5109) and one location in Martinsville (Phone 276-632-4697).

Roanoke Natural Foods Co-op in Roanoke, VA.



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