Need a Golf Cart?

Need a Golf Cart?

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Need a Golf Cart? Around Smith Mountain Lake, a golf cart is one of the most handy little vehicles you could have. Sure it’s great for golfers and since the weather is starting to show signs of spring, I’m certain many golf enthusiasts are thinking in that direction already.

But there are many more uses for a golf cart than just on the golf course. When my Dad first grew sick and couldn’t walk all over Creation on his own steam anymore, all the family went together and bought him a golf cart. It was like he had his life back in some ways, being able to run around wherever he wanted to go in that sturdy little thing. Now my Mom uses it to take drives with her Grandkids around the farm to enjoy the woods and the lovely lake just over the hill.

If you are camping, a golf cart makes a quiet, unobtrusive way to tool about the campground or nearby attractions without being cut off from the fresh air and outdoors. Do you have a large piece of Smith Mountain Lake real estate? You can use the golf cart as transport to get around your place. The uses of this small vehicle are many and varied. If you are in the market for one, check out some of our local business offerings.

Smith Mountain Lake Golf Carts –
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