New Years Blessings

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new years blessingsThis will be the last post of 2009 for Smith Mountain Lake News and there is something very poignant about that knowledge. It’s not just this post I am referring to, but the awareness of time.

Its swiftness is amazing. The Bible speaks of our lives as a vapor that vanishes away and indeed the years do seem to pass with ever-increasing speed.

Time is a healer, a friend, and an enemy. Time is constricting and a bringer of freedom. Time is an invention of man that has a strange and emotional effect on us at times.

I am grateful for the time God has given me. As the Psalmist asked that God would help him to number his days rightly, meaning to make the days of his life count, I desire to do this also. I pray that as 2009 approaches each and every reader will find themselves in one of two places: either looking back at a productive and growth-filled year or looking forward at how they will grow and be productive in the new year.

Blessings to one and all for 2009 and beyond.

Happy New Year!!

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