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Owning a Jet Ski Part 1

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owning a jet skiIf you are a veteran on a jet ski, you know there is nothing quite like the thrill of skimming over the cool waters of Smith Mountain Lake at the speed of light (well maybe not quite that fast :). If you are new to the world of riding this motorcycle of the waves, then you are in for a treat. You can rent these fun machines at various shops around Smith Mountain Lake (along with a few lessons). However, if you own or are considering the purchase of your jet ski, then the folks at Stevin In Sales have some great advice for first-time owners.

Many of our friends purchased new jet skis for the first time this year, in part because a local drought lowered lake levels. These savvy boat owners had some difficulty dealing with the smaller personal watercraft (PWC). We noticed that it was helpful to give new jet ski owners a list of things they needed or needed to know. This gave us the idea of putting together a list of things every new jet ski owner needs.

Sure, everybody knows that you need a U.S. Coast Guard-approved personal flotation device for riding on a jet ski, preferably a nice snug-fitting neoprene vest. Some of the other things you will need are not quite as obvious but are almost as important. Being prepared helps new jet ski owners enjoy their purchases to the fullest. So, get ready to cut up some water!

Get at least two gallons of the required engine oil. It goes into a separate small reservoir.  Yamaha requires you to use only their 2-cycle oil. You will also need a small funnel, as the reservoir may be hard to get to and pour the oil into.

You will need some nylon rope to keep in the stowage compartment for tying up to another boat or parking at a dock. Jet ski anchors, which can be filled with sand or rocks when in use, are available through most water sports dealers and catalogs.

Purchase one or two 5-gallon gas cans. It will take 5-10 gallons to fill up your jet ski gas tank.  You will want to have extra gas on hand to keep the good times going without having to find a gas pump. (to be continued….)

Thanks to Stevin In Sales for this helpful information.

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