Pointers From The Bass Professor

Pointers From the Bass Professor

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Our readers in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia will appreciate this entry, especially those of you who love to go bass fishing.

Our family receives the Field and Stream Magazine  and in a past May issue, there was a great interview by Colin Kearns with Doug Hannon. Some of you are no doubt familiar with this man as he is a noted Florida bass expert, and tackle designer, and has a record of having caught more than 800  10lb. bass! Yes, you read that right, over 800 ten-pounders.

Anyway, he offered some tips on what makes him an expert “Bass Professor”.  Below are just a few of the ideas he presented in the interview.

  • – After speaking with anglers known for 15lb. catches he found that one thing they had in common was that they were all caught in 6ft. of water or less.
  • – Fishing after the spawn is best, in late spring and early summer. Then, Hannon says, “The fish will attack anything, and all of your different lures and presentations work because the fish are so aggressive.”
  • – Hannon favors small lures and has caught 90% of his big fish on a 7-inch, straight-tail worm.
  • – The most important thing Doug Hannon ever learned “is to have enough patience and confidence to believe that where you are fishing is where the fish are – and to rely on the fact that when you do get it right, it’ll work.

If these pointers intrigue you, you can read more here.

Pointers From The Bass Professor

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