Protect Your SML Real Estate

Protect Your SML Real Estate

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Protect Your SML Real EstateSo you have invested in your dream home on some beautiful Smith Mountain Lake real estate, and now you are concerned about keeping it secure from intrusion or damage. That would be the normal concern for a property owner and thankfully there are business-minded people in the area who have considered that need.

My Home Check, LLC provides property security monitoring at Smith Mountain Lake.  They conduct checks of clients’ homes, businesses, and watercraft during their absence.  They even look for signs of criminal activity, intrusion, and/or damage from water, smoke, or fire.

You don’t have to enter into a lifelong agreement with them either. You can try them out for a short term as they offer service contracts ranging in duration from one week to 12 months.  To find out more you can call Jonas Karcz at 540.521.8506  or send an email to

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