Radio Controlled Airplanes

Radio Controlled Airplanes

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radio controlled airplanes When driving near Smith Mountain Lake you will occasionally see small planes over the water. They seemed too small to be real airplanes to me, but too big to just be model planes. As it turns out, with a little sleuthing, these are radio-controlled airplanes (or just RC Planes to the enthusiast).

If you have always dreamed of being the pilot of your plane, you can come a little bit closer with RC Planes. You might think these are just toys, but if you check out a fair number of websites on the subject, you will find a different take. To the fellows (and some gals as well) who view this as a serious hobby, there is some genuine skill involved. There are even professional RC Flyers in this field who perform special stunts and various other tricks with great precision.

Flying radio-controlled airplanes is becoming a more popular activity at Smith Mountain Lake and everywhere. This is understandable, as it is an activity that can be enjoyed by anyone who wants to experience the fun of flying an aircraft.

Radio-controlled airplanes can be electric or gas-powered or gliders. Novice users usually start with gliders because of their ease of use and cost benefits. For those who may be new to radio-controlled airplanes, here are just a few websites you can check out for more info.

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