Remedies From the past

Remedies From the Past

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Remedies From the PastMany of us folks at Smith Mountain Lake love old-fashioned things. Whether it’s regarding cures our Grandmother passed down or fishin’ tips from old-timers, there is a lot of wisdom from the generations gone by.

Unfortunately today all too many people seem to discount the older members of their families as useless and outdated. It’s not only a loss to us as a culture when we forget the gifts of past generations, but a loss to each of us as individuals, who are poorer for the absence of their wisdom.

All of that came to mind simply because I stumbled across a pretty neat website that tells things like how to kill flies by setting out a small plate and filling it with a half teaspoon of fine ground black pepper, a teaspoon of brown sugar, and a couple of tablespoons of cream to catch them in. Or take the supposedly infallible remedy for a toothache of using a Spanish snuff called Sibella as a tooth cleaner and total toothache preventative.

Some of the ideas on this site would be hard to try due to the absence of things today that they once had easy access to. But whether you decide to try one of these old-time remedies, or just want an enjoyable read, you will enjoy taking a look at this Old Fashioned Home Remedies site.

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