Shaping Up Your Shoreline At Smith Mountain Lake

Shaping Up Your Shoreline

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Perhaps you invested in a marvelous piece of Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate this year. But since very few purchases come 100% tailor-made to our every need and desire, you may need a little help around the shoreline of your property. You are not alone. Lots of folks on the Lake need a tree removed or erosion on their lake borders stopped.

Thankfully there are people who are trained in laying the stone rip rap that can prevent erosion, excavating and moving dirt, taking out unwanted trees, and even underwater excavation of sediment, rocks, etc. (called dredging).

If you are a landowner and need these kinds of services on your property, GG Shoreline Services, LLC can cover all of the above problems. They are located in Montvale, Va., and can be reached at 540-947-5611.

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