Skiing at the Mountain

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Usually when you hear the phrases “skiing” and “mountain” your mind easily wanders to that mystical winter wonderland of white powder and rosy-red cheeks in the chilled air…..but this post couldn’t be further from that type of skiing.  The skiing we’re referring to is the amazingly popular sport of jet skiing and the mountain isn’t just any mountain either; it’s Smith Mountain or  Smith Mountain Lake to be specific.

There are many modes of transportation in and around our wonderful mountain lake but perhaps one of the most fun ways to go places is with jet skis!  Jet skiis are portable, fast, tow-skiing capable, and often more affordable than a full-size boat.  Whatever your reason for wanting a jet ski, you will enjoy a great article we spotted on The Lake Channel entitled, “Buy The Jet Ski That’s Right For You.”

Here’s just an excerpt from this informative article: “It is true — some decisions are more emotional than others. Sometimes you just see a particular car, boat, or personal watercraft (or jet ski), and you have to have it. This is why it is a good idea to do some research on all the choices before you walk into a showroom. It is even more important to determine your requirements, and then decide which of the available choices is the best fit.”

There are a lot of topics covered in the article including choosing the right size and horsepower, fitting your needs to your boating budget, etc.  I found myself wanting to visit the closest jet ski dealership, make a deal and get myself out on those great Smith Mountain Lake waves!

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