Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy

Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy

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Smith Mountain Lake Christian AcademyThanks to the faith and passion of some local Christians at Smith Mountain Lake, a new school is in the works for families there. Deke Andrews, the head of the school and one of the founding members,  says that children spend more time at school in their formative years than anywhere else besides home. And of course, he is correct. One of the most important decisions any parent will make is how and where to send their children for an education.

The Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy hopes to open in the fall of 2008 and is the result of the hard work and planning of many community members, churches, businesses, etc. Some of the exact details are still being ironed out such as tuition, grades to be offered, etc. Stay tuned for occasional updates as we get more exact information.

On the next page, you will find a statement by Deke Andrews on the heart and mission of Smith Mountain Lake Academy.

The Mission of Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy is to grow students spiritually, mentally, and physically. The foundation of the mission is outlined in the Four Principles of the Student Integrity Curriculum: developing a mind for the Master, learning that leadership is predicated on being a selfless servant, realizing the importance of being academically acute, and understanding the value of being physically fit. The total SMLCA experience should enable its alumni to be characterized as being joyful, articulate, poised, confident, humble, polite, balanced, and fully prepared for their next step in life.

We remain committed to our philosophy of academic excellence resulting from the combination of expectations, execution, and endurance (hard work) with energy, excitement, and enthusiasm (fun).

Our foundation is predicated on our private and Christian school advantages: – Accountability, Accessibility, and Comfortability – Biblically Based – Christian Curriculum featuring our own Integrity Institute – Faithful Faculty – Power of Prayer – Joy of Jesus – and  Exceptional extra-curriculars.

Thanks for your interest, support, and prayers. Be on the lookout for updates! In Christ, Deke Andrews

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