Smith Mountain Lake Drive-In Theater

Smith Mountain Lake Drive-In Theatre

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Smith Mountain Lake Drive-In Theatre(Update: The Mayberry Drive-In Theatre at Smith Mountain Lake is permanently closed.) I am always looking for items of interest regarding our illustrious Smith Mountain Lake, and in the process, I recently experienced an odd sequence of events.

Last year I wrote a post about the new drive-in theatre due to open shortly at the lake and had not heard any more since. So I had begun trying to check on it when a question about what had happened to the plans for the theatre came in from a reader.

I had not uncovered any solid information worth printing, however, when I was reading Business Week online, lo and behold, found an entire article on the soon-to-open drive-in at Smith Mountain Lake! It seems they had reprinted an article from the Roanoke Times online. It is a great article and lets us in on some romantic details about the owners, as well as their opening plans for October, etc.

Rather than reprint the article a third time, I will give my readers the links for both articles and you can take your pick.

To read from The Roanoke Times, or to subscribe to the newspaper, go to

To read from Business Week click here.

Smith Mountain Lake

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