Smith Mountain Lake On Video

Smith Mountain Lake on Video

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Smith Mountain Lake on VideoThanks to the SML Chamber of Commerce, the public now has access to a spectacular audio/visual display of Smith Mountain Lake and the surrounding area on DVD. This is a wonderfully unique opportunity. How many people have their hometowns on a lovely documentary? You can send them to your family and friends and even save a copy for your kids.

On the DVD you will find a 5-minute video divided into two parts. One video is called “Vacation” and highlights some of the fantastic things there are to do and see for people visiting Smith Mountain Lake.  The second video is called “Relocation” and shows how wonderful the Lake area is as a place to live, work, and play. As you can imagine, this is a beautifully done visual of the lake and something neat to own a copy of.

The video/DVD serves two purposes. To educate people about all the opportunities there are in living and working at Smith Mountain Lake, as well as to promote tourism to people who are visiting the area.

The DVD is for sale for $5 at the Smith Mountain Lake Regional Chamber of Commerce and Visitor Center located at Bridgewater Plaza. For more information call 540-721-1203.

Smith Mountain Lake

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