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The demands of juggling work and family and all of the things that we are responsible for can leave us with little time for self-care. But leaning into the things that bring us joy and peace is important for our overall mental health and wellness. Below are some tips and strategies that can help you find balance in the chaos and perhaps add a little more joy to your daily routine.

Health and Wellness
At Smith Mountain Lake we are fortunate to have a wealth of opportunities to aid us in our search for greater wellness. There are a variety of spas, fitness and health facilities, gyms, aerobic studios, yoga and personal training coaches. You can also participate in groups and classes dedicated to fun and functional activities like pickleball, basketball, martial arts, swimming, water aerobics, and so much more. There is some kind of activity available for everyone.

Wellness Tips

• Start your day with a relaxing and rejuvenating cup of herb tea. Green tea, Peppermint, Rooibos and many others may have a variety of health benefits.
• Dedicate a few moments to prayer and meditation. Declutter your mind, alleviate anxiety, and boost creativity.
• A simple smile for those around you can lift your spirits as well as theirs. For additional perks, indulge in laughter.
• Prioritize a full nights sleep and be sure to stay well hydrated as both have a significant impact on your health.
• Stay active! Your overall mental health improves when you’re involved in activities and hobbies.
• Don't have time for groups? Explore relaxation and wellness apps or internet offerings from the comfort of your own home.
• Keep a journal to recount happy moments and blessings or to record thoughts and feelings from your day. Writing can be therapeutic. 
• Stay regularly connected with friends and family who offer emotional and practical support.
Health and Wellness at Smith Mountain Lake

Create Frequent Relaxation
-If you don’t have a pool or hot tub to relax in, consider a Smith Mountain Lake short term rental that includes one or both.
-Customize your personal space with cozy lighting and soul-soothing music, or unwind with a good book or film and a bubble bath.

Relax at a Day Spa
Visiting a day spa can be a quick way to relax your muscles and release tension. There are a multitude of various types of day spas close to Smith Mountain Lake that are celebrated for their ability to refresh the mind, uplift the spirit, and soothe the body. Below are just a few……..

  • London’s Salt Spa in Forest, VA – Phone 434-525-7727 Famous for its unique feature known as “the salt cave.” Foot Massage, Halotherapy, Facials, Massage and more.
  • Serafina Spa in Moneta, VA – Phone 540-874-4937 Their services include Facials, Various Massage, Waxing, Skin Care, etc.
  • True Organics Spa in Moneta, VA – Phone 540-719-8783 They offer Body Polish/wrap, CBD Treatments, Ear Candling, Massage, Infared Sauna and More
  • The Skin Co. Spa in Huddleston, VA – Phone 540-296-5179 Services such as Waxing, Advanced Skin Treatment, Tanning, Body Rejuvenation, Dermaplaning, etc.
  • Maven at the Lake Salon and Spa in Hardy, VA – Phone 540-719-4247 Offerings include Hot Stone Massage, Eye Treatment, Back Treatment, Hair Extensions & much more
  • Robin’s Nest Spa in Moneta, VA – Phone 330-612-6921 Experiences include Relaxation Body Treatment and Deep Cleansing Facials, etc.
Day Spas at Smith Mountain Lake

Check Into a Wellness Retreat
Maybe a day off is not enough for your stress levels. Sometimes what is needed is some good old-fashioned rest and personal time. Pack your bags and embark on one of several wellness retreats or Air B&B’s around the state. These types of retreats generally include things such as balanced meals, pleasant scenery, outdoor activity, and/or workshops to boost your creativity and stimulate your mind, daily massages, exercise groups and other programs to improve both body and mind.

The following is just a small sampling of the resorts in the area/state: Mountain Lake Lodge in Pembroke, Va; Full Distance Fitness, Therapy and Wellness Practice at SML; Primland Resort’s Auberge Spa at Meadows of Dan; The Spa at Keswick Hall at Charlottesville, VA; The Salt Foot Sanctuary in Roanoke, VA; Eupepsia Wellness Center near Richmond, VA; Anahata Education & Retreat Center in Floyd, VA.

Many who have visited Smith Mountain Lake for a family vacation, R & R, wellness retreats, etc. have come back again and again. Some have even loved the area so much that they chose to buy a summer home or make it their retirement destination. Lake living is the perfect setting for those seeking to elevate their health and wellness journey. It is a lifestyle that has the potential to rejuvenate mind, body, and soul.

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