How is Smith Mountain Lake Waterfront Property Valued? – Key Factor #6

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How is Smith Mountain Lake Waterfront Property Valued? - Key Factor #6

Property Value Factor #6: Cove versus Main Channel

This issue is not completely cut and dry because there are varying degrees of land in coves, on the main channel, and in between. Many first timers here at the lake assume that they will want to be on the main channel, which often provides the longest and widest water and mountain views. Most, but certainly not all, experienced homeowners and renters here seem to prefer to be in a cove, however, at least to some degree. Cove homes typically provide more solitude, less boat noise, and a better spot for swimming.

A great spot for both views and solitude can be near the edge of a cove with views out to wide water. There are many spots like this on the lake. One note: There are homes positioned in coves in such a way as to greatly limit their views and water quality. These are properties that you want to avoid in most cases.

Both cove and a main channel homes have great value and opportunity for appreciation. You just need to decide what is best for you and your family.

How is Smith Mountain Lake Waterfront Property Valued?
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