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SML Christian Academy Doing Well

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Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy, as many of our readers may remember, started in the fall of 2009 and is doing well today. This August they will begin another academic year, offering classes for students K-8.

The Academy, located in Moneta, VA, began its second year of operations with a 15% increase in enrollment and has continued to grow more every year since that time. The Academy offers a college preparatory curriculum with a biblical worldview, in a small, safe, setting. Their goal as stated on their website is as follows:

The Mission of Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy is to grow students spiritually, mentally, and physically. The foundation of the mission is outlined in the Four Principles of the Student Integrity Curriculum: developing a mind for the Master, learning that leadership is predicated on being a selfless servant, realizing the importance of being academically acute, and understanding the value of being physically fit. The total SMLCA experience should enable its alumni to be characterized as being joyful, articulate, poised, confident, humble, polite, balanced, discerning, and fully prepared for their next step in life.

Applications for 2023-24 are still being accepted. Go to the SML Christian Academy Website for more information.

Smith Mountain Lake Christian Academy

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