Spend Some Time On Your Own Island

Spend Some Time on Your Own Island

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Spend Some Time on Your Own IslandHave you ever dreamed of owning your island? While owning an island is a dream that may never become a reality for most of us, at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia you can enjoy your island for a day.

Some of us are already thinking and planning for this summer’s vacation and may not realize that Smith Mountain Lake offers all we could imagine. Smith Mountain Lake is a showcase for a variety of uninhabited islands. These old mountaintops spring up all over the place, and most are not privately owned.

Imagine tying off your boat and wandering ashore on a private sandy beach. Don’t forget your picnic basket! Your kids can disperse into the woods to play hide-n-seek or search for buried treasure, while you enjoy the warm summer sun and the sound of waves lapping against your boat. You will swim, fish, and dream that it’s yours for a while.

Stay till evening, watch the sun go down together, and start a fire on the beach. Roast hot dogs, make Smores, and tell stories. You may even decide to pitch a tent and stay overnight. You’re allowed to… and it’s a lot of fun!

Give us a call today if you want to see these islands in person. We’ll send you a map and other information to get you started. (Yes, your kids can mark it up as a treasure map. It has served many families well in this capacity!) Here’s to Island Dreaming! Contact Paul Moore at Smith Mountain Homes at (877)-765-4663 or email Paul and the Smith Mountain Homes team today.

PS: If you would really like to own an island in Smith Mountain Lake, there are a few of them that are privately owned. One is for sale. It has two lovely homes, a lighthouse, and boathouses…

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