Stay at Home Vacations

Stay at Home Vacations

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Stay at Home VacationsHas it ever occurred to you that there are few vacation spots out there more desirable than Smith Mountain Lake? It’s true. Most people thinking of vacations are looking for exactly what our lake has to offer. Very few vacation destinations can come close to providing the myriad of fun activities and fantastic places to stay that we have right here.

The Smith Mountain Lake Chamber of Commerce is also very aware of our concern about gas prices and vacation travel distances. They are recommending “staycations.”  In other words, pointing out that a family can have just as much fun 10, 20, or 30 miles from home as they would 300 miles away, and for half the money. It’s true of course. How many of our local campgrounds, hotels, restaurants, and other entertainments have you and your family tried out?

You may soon be hearing radio, TV, and newspaper ads to that very effect, as the SML Chamber reminds us of what we have within an hour of home. Perhaps you and yours will consider the possibility of taking your vacation at Smith Mountain Lake this year!

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