Staying Safe/Self-Defense

Staying Safe/Self-Defense

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Staying Safe/Self-DefenseEveryone at Smith Mountain Lake has seen a bully in action at some point in their life. It is a painful thing to see and yet no one can prevent such incidents from happening.

Most women have had to be out late at night alone and thus have experienced feeling unsafe. Many of us even know someone who has been robbed or molested because they were caught in a scary situation.

All of us would like to feel safe all the time, but since we live in a world where there is freedom of choice and some people choose to be self-centered and even evil and criminal, it is a good idea to be as prepared as we can be.

Below are just a few self-defense tips should you find yourself in a dangerous situation. And if you still want an even greater ability to defend yourself take advantage of the free class on safety for individuals as well as kids at the Traditional Taekwondo Academy or the Bedford Tae Kwon Do Academy (shown at bottom).

1.) When you are alone, stay alert to what is going on around you.
– Keep your eyes up, look at faces
– Listen and be aware of all that is happening
– Note possible safe places to run

2.) Don’t ever ignore your gut instinct!! Better to look back and worry for nothing than to ignore a warning sign that could save your life or someone else.

3.) Carry a personal alarm that makes a sound that is heard far and wide. Be sure it is within easy reach of your hand and not too difficult to set off. A loud alarm cannot be used against you and may alert an unseen friend that you need help.

4.) Carrying weapons does not ensure your safety, and your weapon may even be taken and used against you. Better to use your body as a weapon if you are attacked.

a. Feet – Muscular legs and feet can be used to kick and disable an attacker long enough for you to get away. Though you may be able to kick high, resist the urge as your foot may be grabbed on the way up and then you are in trouble. Keep your aim low. A solid kick to the side or front of the knee will disable an attacker, as will a painful blow to the groin if necessary. Keep in mind, however, that many villains are expecting and prepared for that type of kick.

b. Hands – The flat of the palm or a hard fist can be effective if you can hit hard to the front of the throat or the nose. You can also use your fingers to poke hard in the eyes and pull the attacker’s hair.

c. Elbows – Make a fist and then grip that fist with your other hand and use it to drive your elbow back into an assailant. Use your entire upper body to lend power to the hit. If your attacker is your height, move your elbow straight back and up for good contact with the throat or head. If he is taller than you throw the elbow directly back to connect with the ribs and stomach.

TRADITIONAL TAEKWONDO ACADEMY – Run by Head Instructor Mrs. Deborah Wargo, 3rd Dan, and her husband Senior Master Phillip Wargo, 7th Dan.  Mrs. Wargo will be conducting Free seminars on “Individual Protection Measures” and “Safe Kids.” For Information call 540-719-8853.

BEDFORD TAE KWON DO ACADEMY – at 402C West Main St in Bedford, Va. You can call them at 540-330-9793 for more information.

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