Striper Heaven!

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What can thrill a fisherman to his very soul as much as having a Smith Mountain Lake striper on his line?!  Warm weather is just around the corner and with it comes some of the best fishing in the east… fishing on Smith Mountain Lake in the early season.  With a lake that’s 40 miles long and features over 500 miles of shoreline (that’s those special nooks and crannies we’re all looking for), SML offers everyone an opportunity to experience world-class freshwater angling.

What’s that?  No boat?  Don’t know all the ins and outs of this gem of a tributary?  No problem! Mitchells Striper Guides are the answer to your fishing prayers.  I managed to find the website pretty easily and here’s a quick excerpt from it:

When you book a trip with Capt. Bert not only will you be able to share experiences and knowledge in both the sport of fishing as well as the world of professional ice hockey, but you’ll also hear about the many striper citations that have landed in his net!  The Lake is beautiful during ALL seasons and the fishing is great year-round. So come join him for an exciting day on Smith Mountain Lake.

If you want to get up with Capt. Bert, click here to get to his website or just call him at 540-721-5788.

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