Surviving the Remodeling Process Part 2

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surviving the remodeling processIf you live near Smith Mountain Lake and are remodeling or considering some renovations to your home, you will appreciate this article (part 2) by Team Roanoke Realtors about how to make it through that process with your sanity in tact.




Renovating Wisdom:

  1. Have one person in your family be the spokesperson to the contractor. This will limit confusion and delays.
  2. Store as many things in the work area as possible.
  3. Cover everything else with drop cloths.
  4. Always keep one part of your home work-free, so you can feel at rest in at least part of your home.
  5. Keep plaster dust in the work area by hanging plastic sheets over doorways between the work area and the rest of your home.
  6. Plan to go out to eat more frequently.
  7. Perhaps you could plan to take a weekend vacation during the renovations.
  8. Check all fixtures to make sure they work before they get installed.

If most of your home is under renovation, you may want to move out for the first month or two for the following reasons.

  1. The contractors can then work uninterruptedly and not have to worry about working around you.
  2. You will not have to deal with the thick dust that will coat your house.
  3. The dangerous debris could seriously injure you.
  4. If you have children, you have to constantly be making sure they are away from the “under construction” areas.
  5. Nails always escape initial clean-ups that easily cut into feet.
  6. Dangerous tools may lie around your house or fall off “out of reach” places that allow little ones access.
  7. The contractors feel more at ease with you not looking over their shoulder.
  8. Little one’s naps will be constantly interrupted by the noise contractors need to make in order to renovate with hammers, saws, electric dusters, scrapers, etc.

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