Take a Cruise at Home Part 1

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take a cruise at homeYou don’t have to leave Smith Mountain Lake to take a cruise in beautiful waters! The Virginia Dare is one of two marvelous cruise ships that tour the 500 miles of Smith Mountain Lake shoreline on a regular basis from April through December. She can accomodate up to 135 passengers and you can even purchase boarding passes for regular cruising. Below is a short history of the Virginia Dare.

The Virginia Dare is a 19th Century replica side wheeler that is 63’ long , 20 ‘ wide and 26.6 ‘ tall. The Virginia Dare was built in the spring of 1989 and made the long trip partially by water and partially by land from La Crosse, Wisconsin to Moneta, Virginia. On it’s long journey through many states, it encountered no problems until it reached a bridge on US Rt 220 just outside of Roanoke where it got stuck for several Days. The boat and the flat bed carrier were too heavy to cross the Bridge together, so the 50 ton boat had to be removed from the Flat bed so that the two could cross separately. Finally in May of 1989 the Virginia Dare completed her maiden voyage.

You can join in any of their charter cruises (perfect for individuals, couples or groups), which normally last for about two hours. Or you can purchase additional time including a totally Private Charter, by contacting the reservation department.

The Virginia Dare Cruise would be a fabulous day trip for the family, or a great alternative for the next big party you want to throw. You can check prices for various lengths of time on board at their website. But regardless of your desire or occasion, with 23,000 acres of water and a summer day, how could you go wrong?

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