Chicago Tribune and Smith Mountain Lake

The Chicago Tribune and Smith Mountain Lake

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The Chicago Tribune and Smith Mountain LakeIt never ceases to amaze me how far word travels of news here at Smith Mountain Lake. Most recently I found an article in The Chicago Tribune regarding the land at the lake that is being preserved by Appalachian Power. Surprisingly, I had not yet read about this and was of course caught off guard by finding it in The Tribune.

Basically, there are around 5,000 very scenic acres of Smith Mountain Lake being put into a conservation easement by Appalachian Power Company. This property will be completely off-limits for development, but will likely continue to be open for hiking, hunting, and other similar uses.

The conservation easement will be jointly held by the State of Virginia and the Virginia Outdoor Foundation. The area covered sort of straddles Smith Mountain Lake Dam (Bedford and Pittsylvania Counties).

There is not a whole lot more info. I could find it at this point, but I am sure the opinions on this move are wide and varied. If you have a thought or opinion or more information on this subject, please leave us a comment.

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