The Day After Easter

The Day After Easter

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The Day After EasterThe Easter Holiday has come and gone at Smith Mountain Lake. The company has gone home, school is back in session, and some of your kids will be eating chocolate and candy for weeks to come.

What did it all mean? Or was there any meaning to be found in hiding eggs and buying new dresses? Is Easter about bunny rabbits and candy or is there something more lasting in the Easter message that could change lives?

Many question how Christmas, Easter, etc. were corrupted from a celebration of deeper things, into a commercialized, shallow, shadow of what they were meant to be.

All I know is that there is no hope, no life, and nothing to hold onto in a colored egg or a stuffed rabbit. But there IS Someone who holds out hope when we feel like we are dying; Someone we can cling to when life seems empty of meaning. That Someone was executed in your place on the day we call Good Friday, spent Saturday in the world of the dead, and was raised to LIFE on Easter Sunday!

If, after all the superficial fluff of Easter is over, you are again wondering about the meaning of life, remember the Truth that began it all. God shows Himself everywhere and in everything so that we might have hope every day of the year, not just on holidays or Sundays.

There will always be Good Fridays and dying and winter; Long Saturdays of waiting and losing hope and struggling to understand; and finally Spring and Resurrection and abundant Hope for those who have found the Living Savior!

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