The Greatest Wonder

The Greatest Wonder

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The Greatest WonderSmith Mountain Lake is a place of great beauty and it is just one of the many areas of majestic scenery in this amazing world God created.

People talk of the Seven Wonders of the World and the awe-inspiring experiences of visiting them. Folks go on and on about Disney World, movie stars and Hollywood, The Grand Canyon, The Amazon, stock market trends, and so many other phenomenal places and ideas.

But when I think of awe and wonder something entirely different comes to mind. If you want an idea that takes your breath away try this one: The Maker of the Universe, The King of Kings, and the Lord of Lords left Paradise to come down and live with us!

Would you leave your warm, comfortable home to go and live in the slums? Could you give up all you have to go to an impoverished country and stay in a hovel? Most of us can’t even begin to contemplate or comprehend that kind of love, much less understand what Jesus did. He had the world in the palm of His hand; perfection, paradise, you name it and Heaven holds it in unrivaled excellence! He left that to go live in the sewers in a drainage ditch…….because He loved you and me.

Of course, it didn’t stop there, after he gave up His throne in Paradise, He also gave up His life to suffer in this slum world and die like a common criminal – so you and I wouldn’t get the terrible consequences we deserve for our sinful choices.

And finally, He destroyed all preconceptions and small imaginations, and brought us HOPE when He rose from the dead! He performed the strongest of magics and annihilated the need for us to fear death!

A Mighty Sovereign who left His kingdom out of tender love for His disobedient peons, endured agony and torture so they could enter Paradise, and who conquered death to bring them an abundant life so rich and full, they could only distantly dream of it…….

The next time someone raves about the Christmas Tree in Times Square, the Great Pyramids, or a famous personage they met, tell them about the Greatest Wonder of Them All, Jesus our Savior.

A very Blessed and Merry Christmas to all our readers.

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