The Hope Of Easter

The Hope of Easter

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SOMETHING SAD: Everything living dies; there is much sorrow in this hurting world.

SOMETHING BEAUTIFUL: Everything that dies will be re-born!

* Winter comes and everything turns brown and dies,
but is reborn vibrantly in Spring!

* A seed falls to the ground and rots
and is reborn a life-giving green plant!

* A worm falls to sleep in a dark tunnel
and is born again a butterfly!

* Fire kills and destroys and out of the ashes
life comes flourishing like never before!

* A fragile living being dies and with God
is raised to a new life in a glorious, perfect, imperishable body!

* Human hopes & dreams die but in God’s hands
bigger dreams and hopes of being brought to life in our lives!

All of this is a message from the Creator of it all!! Hope!! He is giving us, in living color, the knowledge that there can be life born out of death and suffering. Real Hope! That Jesus can give meaning to every loss and pain that is put into His hands! Isn’t “this” really what Easter is supposed to be about?

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