The Meaning Of Christmas

The Meaning of Christmas

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The Meaning of ChristmasNearly everyone at Smith Mountain Lake enjoys something about Christmas. Perhaps we don’t all appreciate the commercialization of this special holiday, but most people have some favorite element about Christmas.

For some of us, it is simply the presence of family, for others, it is the fabulous variety of pretty lights and glitter. Many people look forward to a long-awaited gift, and some just enjoy time off from work.

But is there a deeper meaning to Christmas? Each of us is free to acknowledge, ignore, celebrate, worship, or do whatever we wish to do on any day of the year. But isn’t Christmas an opportunity to slow down and consider what is truly important in life? Even if you do not share the Christian belief that Jesus was God’s Son who came to this world to save us, it is still a good time to examine what you are living for.

It is so easy to get caught up in the busyness of life and forget our mates, children, and the relationships that give our lives meaning. It is common for people to get so stressed by life that they forget to be thankful for all they have. It is not hard to lose our values in the race to get ahead.

Make this Christmas the one where you are determined to prioritize your life according to what matters most. May God bless each of you this Christmas and as we enter the New Year!

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