The Pencil Analogy

The Pencil Analogy

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The Pencil AnalogyThere are certain situations in your Smith Mountain Lake office or at home, where a pencil is the only writing utensil that is appropriate. Some people thought pencils would become obsolete with the introduction of so many varieties of pens on the market. But there are times when nothing but a pencil will do.

There are more uses for the pencil than just writing or sketching. They make great a great analogy for our lives.

A. With a pencil, each time you use it, you leave a mark on something. The same with the choices we make in life. Each one leaves its mark for good or for evil.

B. When you make a mistake with a pencil, you can always correct it. In life, it requires great humility and sometimes hard work to correct our mistakes, but it can usually be done.

C. A pencil does not look classy or important and yet we can hardly do without them. What that little pencil is made of is what results.

D. Pencils must be sharpened to be useful. If we do not submit to the sharpenings (hard times) in our lives, we will not continue to grow and be useful either.

E. Most important of all, a pencil cannot be an effective or helpful tool unless it is held in capable hands. We too must be guided by wiser and stronger hands than ourselves if we are to be the best people we can be in this world.

Never underestimate the power of a simple tool or utensil such as a pencil…or a human life guided by the hand of its Maker.

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  1. Very true thought on being useful. Most people will never know what effect they have had on the Kingdom of our Lord until they get home.

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  2. So I guess God is like the pencil sharpener or the gardener who prunes the vines, etc. I like the analogy even though it does not always feel good to be sharpened or to know we have such great responsibility in the marks we leave.

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