Tips For Good Relationships

Three Tips For Good Relationships

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Three Tips For Good RelationshipsIt is a wonderful thing to be able to live on the beautiful Smith Mountain Lake, to own your lake real estate, to have the home you dreamed of for so long…but what would any of it be real to you without the people you love to share it with?

In reality, all of the things we pursue in this life would be next to meaningless without relationships. If you had no family to come home to, no parents to visit, no children to buy for, and no mate to share your life with, all of the material blessings in the world would seem empty and lonely.

And yet keeping those relationships healthy and thriving is often not even on our priority list. Do we think that relationships stay happy and growing without the time and loving investment? That is no more likely than a garden growing healthy produce without being weeded, and getting plenty of sunshine, and water!

Here are 3 simple tips for keeping the most important people in your life feeling important.

1. Spend time with them regularly. Do something fun together.

2. Be humble when you know you are wrong and apologize often!

3. Take time to communicate. Ask questions and show them you are interested in their life (without critique).

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