Tips For Kneeboarding Beginners

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kneeboardingI have to admit that to me Kneeboarding, Surfboarding, Wakeboarding or any other kind of boarding are like foreign languages. But water sports such as Kneeboarding, are growing more and more popular at Smith Mountain Lake and at lakes all over the US. So I decided to pretend I wanted to give Kneeboarding a go and find out what kind of input I would get from those who have become adept at this water sport……they made it sound like anyone who wanted to could do it as long as they didn’t try to get too fancy.

The basics: You need a board (thin ones that are well padded are better for beginners), a rope, a helmet, a boat (and driver), and some deep water.

So to begin, you take the boat to deeper (low traffic) water, tie the rope securely to the back of the boat and you and your Kneeboard get in the water with the other end of the rope. Most people say the easiest way to learn Kneeboarding is to start out lying on your stomach on the board, with the strap pushed up towards the front of the board. Make sure the nose of the board is also sticking up out of the water a little. Hold the rope in one hand while using both hands to grasp either side of the board.

Once the boat starts moving pull your knees forward so that they fit into the padded knee-wells of the board. Don’t lean too far forward and keep the main part of your body mass toward the back. As you begin to feel more secure riding the board you can hold the rope with one hand while pulling the strap over your knees with the other hand. But do not tighten the strap so tightly that you cannot get free of it if need be.

This appears to be the jist of it. Of course most people don’t stop there, but go on to do all sorts of twists and tricks as they become proficient at this sport. If you would like to see a videos of some guys Kneeboarding check this one out where a little girl learns to Kneeboard Or this one where a Pro shows off with some fancy tricks

Looks like fun…..maybe I will give it a try.

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