TLC Blueberry Orchard

TLC Blueberry Orchard

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TLC Blueberry Orchard There are countless ways to enjoy the summer months at Smith Mountain Lake – an afternoon on the water, grilling with friends on the dock, or early morning on the water in pursuit of that elusive trophy fish. But one thing you may not have experienced is a trip to Buffy’s Blueberry Orchard(Formerly TLC Blueberry Orchard) in Moneta to pick a mess of succulent, organic blueberries grown right here at SML.

Doug and Sharleen Schmidt, who own Buffy’s Blueberry Orchard, have been in business for about eight years. They sell the blueberries for $5 a pound, or $1.25 a pound if customers do their harvesting.  The blueberries are grown without any sprays or pesticides. Buffy’s Blueberries.

If you’re interested in getting out and trying some of Buffy’s blueberries for yourself, give Doug or Sharleen a call at 540-330-5144. They’re open Wednesday through Sunday 7 a.m. to Noon starting early July until September. Happy picking!

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  1. HI, Pweg, I met you last year when I was with a group perfoming at Jan’s INdian shop. Afterwqard I came and bought a lot of frozen blueberries from you for my restaurnat. do you still ahve fraozen blueberries from this summer? Are you coming into Roanoke at any time? We would be happy to purchase a sizeable amount from you. Hope you are well, Diane Elliot 540-529-7539

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      Hi Diane, We just write about local folks and their businesses and so cannot reply for them. You might want to try calling TLC. The last # we had for them is 540-297-1168.
      We love blueberries too, although the season is over now. Thanks for visiting our site.

  2. Formerly TLC ORCHARD would like everyone to know it has reopened as Buffy’s Blueberries. Open Wen-Sun 7:00 – Noon Pick your own.

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