Unique Docks

Unique Docks

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Unique DocksYou will find a variety of creativity in the docks of Smith Mountain Lake real estate owners. Variety is the spice of life after all according to the old proverb. Well, I found something interesting in the way of docks while surfing the net this week for any of you who might be in the market for a new dock.

A company called Pier of d’Nort (unusual for its name alone) whose mantra goes something like this, “our docks can be installed by a single person, and removed by a single person”. That did intrigue me. Many people spend thousands of dollars on these kinds of jobs (or in contrast don’t have them done at all) because they don’t have the skills themselves. Now, I have no idea what these docks cost because they require a phone call for pricing (probably because it varies depending on what you need or some such thing). But I did learn some other noteworthy facts.

This company has done something unique. A teenager can install their patented aluminum docks without any special skills, unusual tools, winches, etc. They say they are affordable and have a 15-year warranty. They have stainless steel fasteners and folding legs for removal in the winter if you so desire. The docks certainly sound durable and are very attractive looking. I guess if what I have described so far interests you, you can take a look at their website at http://www.pierofdnort.com/.

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