Waboba Ball Fun At Smith Mountain Lake

Waboba Ball: Fun In The Lake

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Waboba Ball Fun At Smith Mountain LakeIf you are ready for a new water sports game, check out the Waboba Ball! A Waboba Ball is made to bounce on water.  Sound impossible? Not at all really. The ball’s secret is its composition from different types of Polyurethane, covered in Lycra, allowing it to bounce and float. This makes for some fantastic possibilities in the water because unlike beach balls and other floating balls, the Waboba is close to the same density as water. So not only does it float, but when you throw it, it bounces high and accurately toward its target! Sounds like it would make for some great fun on a Saturday at Smith Mountain Lake.

This ball is made to endure some rough handling but is not designed for bouncing on solid surfaces such as walls or concrete. While you can play with the ball in any creative manner that you wish in the water, there is an actual game plan for it as well…

The idea is to pass the Waboba between team members, a minimum of two players in each team, without losing the ball to the other team. When all team members have caught the ball at least once, without interruption and with at least one bounce on the water in each pass, the team gets one point (one round). The opposing team shall try to interrupt passes and start passing within their team. The first team to win three rounds wins the match. Participants have to pass the ball within 5 seconds of receiving it. It is allowed to tackle opponents, but not the player that has the ball, and participants are further not allowed to hold an opponent. Otherwise, as a less serious and more playful option, it can be played between 4+ people, separated into two teams. With four people, 2 would be on one side and 2 on the other, each side having one person from one team and the other person from the other team. Each side gets turns to throw the ball to their team member on the other side. If the member catches the ball, they win 5 points. If they miss, they lose 3 points. At the beginning of the game, a limit can be set (usually a limit of 100 points) and the first team to reach it wins. The distance between the sides can be adjusted but is normally started at 2 meters apart and expands as the game goes on.

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