Water Quality at the Lake

Water Quality at the Lake

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Water Quality at the LakeSmith Mountain Lake is one of those rare lakes that has become known for its crystal-clear waters. Many of the lake’s visitors are drawn here because of the beauty and relative purity of its blue-green depths.

Of course, there are areas where runoff and inlets can cause less-than-perfect water quality, but that is true of any body of water. Unfortunately, no one can completely control what inlets and streams may have access to a lake. There are certain types of algae in Smith Mountain Lake that, while seen by some as a nuisance, are in actuality a major aid in keeping the lake clean. Plants like hydrilla, for instance, absorb toxins, purify the water, and are even used as a nutritional food supplement.

Although your enjoyment of the water will not usually be affected much at most properties around the lake, you can learn more about how the water quality of Smith Mountain Lake could affect you as a homeowner or potential home buyer, by checking out our “Definitive Guide to Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate” for more information.

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      SML is generally known for it’s clear, fresh water, but there are 2 areas they have found ecoli recently (see links below). You might want to steer clear of those.
      Other than that you are coming to a great vacation spot. Paul Moore and family (our company owner) spent the day at SML swimming and having family time without concern.
      Thanks again for the contact and we hope you have an awesome vacation!



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