Waterproof Entertainment

Waterproof Entertainment

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Waterproof EntertainmentSeveral good businesses sell home entertainment equipment at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, but I have to admit one of them is selling a unique idea that piqued my curiosity. Maybe for some of you, this news will be old hat, but it was a novel idea to me.

How would you like to have your own little drive-in theatre at home where you could watch TV out on the deck and not have to worry about the weather affecting it negatively? I can see it now, a huge flat-screen TV, friends on patio chairs with popcorn, stars bright above, and the beautiful lake in the background!! Sound appealing? Check out this ad:

Get your dock rocking this summer with speakers and an outdoor HDTV.  New weatherproof  TVs do not need to be taken in at night, at the end of the season, or even during rainstorms.  Each TV has a waterproof remote to make entertaining easy. Call Kraven Solutions of Rocky Mount, Va. for more information. 540-483-5364

ACS Home Entertainment(540) 982-7833 offers the ultimate in custom home audio/video equipment (and installation) for your entire home and/or office. They also offer step-by-step guidance for the do-it-yourselfers as well as full turn-key solutions.  Come experience our extraordinary theater room today!

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