Gas Or Ethanol Fire Pits

Which Fire Pit Should You Choose – Ethanol or Gas?

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The days are growing longer and the pleasant weather at Smith Mountain Lake this spring is very inviting. The family is spending more time together and the lake views and sunsets are so enjoyable for an evening, it makes you want to be outdoors. But the lingering chill in the air may send you indoors sooner than you wished. A fire pit might be just the thing to extend your outdoor enjoyment….or to create ambiance wherever it’s needed.

Ethanol Or Gas Fire Pits

However, with the growing array of different types of fire pits available today there are many factors to consider before purchasing one for your home. Two similar types of fire pits come in behind the popular wood-burning types are, ethanol and gas.

Ethanol fire pits are increasing in popularity in modern times, but are they a better option than gas? There are many differences between the 2 types of fire pits and here are some of the pros and cons. In this post, you may come to see some of the advantages of ethanol fire pits over gas.

Ethanol is Clean Burning

Ethanol or Bio-ethanol is an environmentally friendly fuel source. It is renewable energy and produced from the bio-products of plants such as sugar cane, rice, and corn.

Bio-ethanol burns clean, it doesn’t produce toxins, smoke, soot, or a smell. This makes them perfect if you would like to have your fire pit inside or you are sensitive to air pollution. There’s no requirement for ventilation as it will release only small amounts of carbon dioxide into the air.

On the other hand, natural gas has long been a popular choice of fuel for fires. The use of natural gas does come at a cost though…since fracking is one of the main methods of extracting the fossil fuel, the earth may run out of its supply in around 50 years. It also produces more toxins and odor while burning.

Gas Fire Pits


Ethanol Fire Pits have an extremely simple installation process compared to gas-type fires.
Simplify unpack the fire pit, insert the burner, and place the fire pit into position, it’s as simple as that. Ethanol fire pits are most commonly freestanding units and do not require construction to install. There is no need for gas lines, electrical connections, or a licensed tradesman to install the unit. You will be able to install it yourself and it will be ready in minutes.

Gas fire pits usually require a gas line and an electrical connection at the point of installation and must be done by a professional. This process can be expensive, time-consuming, and requires some planning.

Portability and Versatility

Ethanol fire pits are considered portable units, something you can relocate with ease. You can sit by the unit in your living room during the Winter or simply move it to your balcony on a mild Spring evening. As stated earlier, these units don’t have a permanent gas line or electrical connection, this allows for a great deal of freedom and makes the fire pit right for any occasion. In the event that you change your place of residence, you won’t have to leave your beautiful ethanol fire pit behind, as it can be relocated with ease. Quite often, these units are crafted from strong lightweight concrete composites, which give the fire pit great portability and versatility, yet do not compromise its structural integrity.

Once again, the gas fire pit is generally installed in a fixed location due to gas lines and such. It does not allow for much freedom of position or convenience of relocation.

Ethanol Fire Pits


When comparing costs for ethanol fire pits and gas fire pits, you will find they vary depending on where you are located. But for the most part, you can see upfront what the differences in price are based on.
Ethanol fire pits do not require professional installation.
Ethanol fire pits do not require ongoing professional servicing.
You simplify the need to purchase the product and install it yourself.
These two factors are the big costs which often determine which fire pit is the ore economical option.

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