Why Choose Smith Mountain Lake?

Why Choose Smith Mountain Lake?

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There is something in the human soul that is drawn to the soothing beauty of a lake and its surrounding panoramic feast for the eyes. Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia is one of those lakes that people want to bring their families to, not just for vacations, but for a satisfying way of life.

But there are many lovely and scenic lakes in the Eastern United States. What makes Smith Mountain Lake more desirable and unique than others?

Here are just a few of the marvelous aspects that set Smith Mountain Lake apart:

1.) Some of the bigger lakes I have visited are crowded with wall-to-wall tourist attractions in every cove and inlet. SML is not overly commercialized.

2.) Many of the residential communities around popular lakes are overflowing with homes and there is no room to expand. Rare are the opportunities to purchase real estate on these lakes. At present, SML holds all the same attractions as the famous lakes but is less well-known and thus still holds the possibility for those looking for their dream home.

3.) Smith Mountain Lake offers a family-oriented community and is still a healthy environment for raising children. It is both a friendly and fun place to live.

4.) SML has incredible scenic views and gorgeous landscapes everywhere. It is also located near the Blue Ridge Parkway, a place voted as the “most scenic drive in America”.

Why Choose Smith Mountain Lake?


5.) Smith Mountain Lake is also one of the few lakes in the U.S. that is suitable for and hosts wakeboarding events. It is also a wonderful lake for many other water sports, including, water skiing, jet skiing, tubing, etc.

6.) Many of the larger lakes are heavily polluted and contaminated with various toxins. SML has an unusually high quality of water.

7.) Numerous types of fish reside in the waters of Smith Mountain Lake, making it a fisherman’s paradise. But one of its claims to fame is it offers some of the best striper bass fishing in the US, if not the world.

These are just a few of the wonderful qualities of this marvelous lake, which is gaining in popularity every year. If you wish to read more about its claims to fame, simply put Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia in your  search engine and read to your heart’s content!

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