Why So Many Water Lovers Choose Lake Living

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One of the age old questions for those whose spirit’s find joy in living on or near the water, is whether to choose life on a lake or to live within view of the mighty ocean. Each lifestyle has it’s pros and cons, but for those of us at Smith Mountain Lake, VA there is no contest. We love to visit the seashore, but there are multiple reasons why we and so many people prefer lake living.

  • Fantastic Views: While the beauty of the ocean can be spectacular at times, the view is mostly limited to sand, sky and water. The stunning views enjoyed by lake lovers can include mountains, forests, wildlife and of course beautiful, calm waters.
  • Tranquility and Privacy: Lakes tend to be quieter and less crowded than oceans. You’ll likely experience fewer crowds, less noise, and a more serene atmosphere on a lake. Waking up to the gentle lapping of water instead of crashing waves is a recipe for relaxation.
  • Affordability: Nearly all waterfront property comes with a high price tag, but lakefront property is generally more affordable than oceanfront property. This applies to both the purchase price and the ongoing maintenance costs. Lakes don’t have the damaging effects of saltwater and aren’t susceptible to erosion as much as some coastlines. Salt air can wreak havoc on boats, docks, and anything else exposed to it. Freshwater lakes are kinder to your belongings, reducing wear and tear.
  • Freshwater Activities: Lakes offer a wider variety of freshwater activities like kayaking, canoeing, and fishing on calmer waters. Many lakes are also suitable for swimming more months of the year, whereas ocean temperatures can vary more. Fishing enthusiasts rejoice! Freshwater lakes brim with diverse fish species, perfect for casting a line.
  • Calmer Waters: Lakes offer a gentler experience. No crashing waves mean smoother sailing (literally) for kayaking, paddle-boarding, or simply enjoying a refreshing dip. You can relax on the water without getting tossed around.
  • Docks and Yards: Lakefront properties often have space for docks, which can provide easy access to the water for swimming, boating, or fishing. You’re also more likely to have a yard suitable for yard games and other land-based activities.
  • Climate: Depending on the location, lakes can offer more moderate climates with less dramatic temperature fluctuations than some coastal areas. In most areas the weather is not as extreme as it can get at the ocean. Hurricanes, tidal waves, tsunamis generally do not affect lakes unless they are very near the coast.
  • Safer for Swimming: Lakes in general lack strong currents and dangerous animal/marine life (with a few exceptions in the deep south), making them a safer option for swimming, especially for young children.

Ultimately, the choice between lakefront and oceanfront living depends on your priorities and lifestyle preferences. Although no place on earth is perfect, Lake Living offers a unique blend of tranquility, beauty and freshwater fun. So, if you dream of calm waters, abundant fish, and a serene escape, a lake might just qualify as your perfect paradise!

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