Why Wear A Life Jacket

Why Wear A Life Jacket? (Part 1)

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Why Wear A Life Jacket

While most of us at Smith Mountain Lake consider the colder weather as a deterrent to being on the water, there are always a few die-hard boaters and fishermen on the lake year-round. Regardless of the season, wearing a life jacket is a must when you are out on the water.

Not only is it the law to have life jackets in your boat but the US Coast Guard says life jackets have saved lives in a wide variety of situations:

  •  When capsized in rough water.
  •  When sinking in unexpectedly heavy sea conditions.
  •  When thrown from the boat as a result of a collision.
  •  When injured by rocks or submerged objects.
  •  When unconscious from carbon monoxide fumes.
  •  When tossed into freezing water.
  •  When thrown off balance while fishing.
  •  When unable to swim because of heavy or waterlogged clothing.

Wear A Life Jacket

However, all life jackets are not created equally. It is just as important to have the correct life jacket for your age and size and the nature of your activity on the water, as it is to have access to the jacket. They come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors, not to mention a wide variety of designs for different types of needs. If you are anything like our family, we needed a little help in choosing the best life jackets for our boating excursions. Here is the US Coast Guard guide to choosing the right kind of jacket for you.

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