Choosing the Right Home Design Plans for Your New Lake House

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Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia is a wonderful place to retire, start a family or just enjoy a summer home. Most people prefer to buy an existing home, but for those of us who want the exciting task of designing our new home from scratch, this article can help. Deciding to build your dream home allows you to do whatever you want within reason and create a living space that you can truly cherish with your family. It’s an exciting opportunity to design every aspect to reflect your tastes and meet your unique needs.

However, the process of designing a home can be challenging, and without the right skills, it can quickly become overwhelming. There are countless decisions to make and some elements that require proper planning and thoughtful consideration.

House Design Tips: Key Considerations When Choosing a Plan 

Choosing home design plans requires careful thinking to ensure you get the desired results. Here are the fundamental factors to consider.

Type of Home

Homes come in different styles, each with its unique characteristics and appeal. Here are some of the most popular home styles today.

  • Modern Architecture – Modern home plans are characterized by clean lines, large windows, and open spaces. It emphasizes simplicity and integrates the indoor and outdoor environments seamlessly.
  • Minimalistic – Minimalistic interior designs are popular for their simplicity and functionality, using a limited color palette and minimal furnishings. The goal is to create clutter-free and serene living spaces.
  • Cape Cod – Originating from New England, Cape Cod homes are known for their steep roofs, dormer windows, and symmetrical design. They often feature shingle siding and a central chimney.
  • Craftsman – This style is celebrated for its handcrafted appearance with exposed beams, large porches, and detailed woodwork. Craftsman homes emphasize natural materials and a cozy, welcoming atmosphere.
  • Colonial – Inspired by the architecture of the American colonies, Colonial homes are typically two or three stories tall, with a symmetrical facade, brick or wood siding, and a centrally located front door.
  • Adam – Also known as Federal-style homes, Adam homes are recognized for their elegant and refined designs. They often include decorative elements, such as swags, garlands, and urns, along with symmetrical windows and a centered front door.
  • Ranch – Ranch-style homes are typically single-story with a long, low roofline. They often have an open floor plan and large windows to create a spacious and connected feel.
  • Victorian – Known for their ornate details and intricate designs, Victorian homes feature steep roofs, turrets, and decorative trim. They often have vibrant colors and asymmetrical shapes.
  • Greek Revival – As the name suggests, Greek revival homes are inspired by classical Greek architecture that’s characterized by tall columns, pediments, and symmetrical shapes. They exude a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Depending on your taste and lifestyle, you can select a style that will truly satisfy your needs and enhance your daily living experience!

Choosing a lake home design plan

Layout and Square Footage

The layout determines the flow and functionality of your living spaces, while the square footage dictates the overall size of the house.

Start by considering the total area you need. Think about how many floors you want and how the space will be divided. A well-planned layout will maximize the use of space and enhance comfort.

Next, determine the number of rooms you need. Typically, families opt for at least three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Consider your family’s current and future needs. If you plan to grow your family or often have guests, additional bedrooms and bathrooms might be necessary.

As for other areas, such as the kitchen and dining room, they should also be spacious enough to accommodate your needs.

Today, custom house designs with open floor plans are increasingly becoming popular, as they create a more inviting and connected atmosphere. Meanwhile, separate rooms offer privacy and distinct areas for different activities.

Your Budget

Building a house can be expensive. According to recent reports, in the US it costs an average of $485,829 to build a moderate size home. And it can easily go far higher when you factor in extra rooms, landscaping, special features, lakefront lot purchase, permits, and other expenses.

Therefore, setting a realistic budget is essential from the outset. And, make sure to leave room for unexpected expenses that may arise during the building process.

When choosing a house design, prioritize features that are most important to you within your budget constraints. If you have a tight budget, then you can always opt for simpler designs or fewer customizations. This keeps expenses manageable without compromising quality.

It’s also advisable to consult with a mortgage lender to understand what you can truly afford based on your financial situation. By carefully planning and budgeting, you can build a home that meets your needs while remaining within your financial means.

Your Family’s Living Needs and Lifestyle

No article providing house design tips would be complete without mentioning “lifestyle” as a major deciding factor. Every family’s living needs vary widely based on individual circumstances.

Do you have a big family or plan to start one? How many children do you currently have or anticipate having? Do you often receive visitors, such as relatives and friends, and need guest rooms or a designated for entertainment?

Answering questions, like these, will give you a good start. You’ll be better able to assess space usage and determine desired sizes and configurations.

Features and Amenities

The features and amenities of your future home will have a huge impact on your quality of life once you move in. So, think about practical amenities, like a garage for parking and storage, or an outdoor kitchen, patio, or balcony for entertaining and relaxation. Also, consider having advanced security systems for peace of mind or a sustainable power system for energy efficiency!

Level of Privacy

If privacy is a top priority for you, you can choose a home design that has an L or U-shaped layout. Generally, these structural designs can enhance privacy from neighbors and within the home itself. Also, you can have a split bedroom layout to ensure privacy in the primary bedroom.

Apart from the bedroom, there are also other areas in the house where you might need more privacy, such as a home office. So, you might need to look into how these spaces are integrated into the entire floor plan.

Potential for Outdoor Improvements

Do you enjoy having barbecues and spending time outdoors with family and friends? Beyond the interior design and layout, you should also consider the location and landscape of the lot where you want to build your dream home. Assess whether the outdoor space can accommodate future improvements.

For example, you can check if there’s room to make summer home improvements in the future, such as a deck or an extended garden. Planning for these projects from the outset can enhance your home’s functionality and enjoyment over time.

How to choose the right home design plan for your lake home.

Other Considerations

In today’s evolving work environment, having a designated area for remote work is essential. Do you have a specific hobby or interest that requires a dedicated space or specialized room? It would be great if your new home design could accommodate it.

Furthermore, think about future possibilities, such as aging parents or your own retirement years. A layout with easy accessibility features is crucial to ensure your home remains comfortable and functional as you and your family members grow older.

How Real Estate Professionals Can Help?

With extensive knowledge of houses and an understanding of what designs are popular among modern home buyers, real estate professionals can provide you with guidance throughout the design process.

These people can give you tips for designing a house from an expert’s perspective, considering factors such as market trends and resale value. They can also connect you with reputable architects, builders, and designers who specialize in custom home construction and can turn your vision into reality. With their input and resources, you can ensure that your new home truly reflects both your preferences and practical needs!  

Frequently Asked Questions about Choosing the Right Home Design Plans  

Q: How to pick the right house plan?

A: Start by assessing your family’s needs, lifestyle preferences, and future growth plans. Consider factors, like the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, desired living spaces, and layout functionality.

Q: How do you come up with a good house plan?

A: To create a good house plan, begin with a clear vision of your ideal living environment. Then, hire architects or home designers who can translate your vision into a functional layout.

Incorporate practical elements, such as natural lighting, efficient room flow, and ample storage space, to optimize comfort and functionality.

Q: How to pick a house plan you can afford?

A: Set a realistic budget early in the planning process and stick to it when making the plan. Consider factors, like construction costs, land purchase expenses, and maintenance.

Q: How to figure out what kind of house to build?

A: Determine the type of house to build by assessing your lifestyle, family size, and desired architectural style. Also, evaluate your workspace requirements and outdoor living preferences.

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Choosing the perfect home design plans all boils down to you and your family’s needs and preferences. But before you get to the place where you are ready to build, you will want to choose the perfect lake location. Helping you find and purchase the right waterfront lot is something we are experts at!

Regardless of what type of plans you choose for your dream home, we want to aid you in your search for the right property to build it on! You will want a beautiful view and the right amenities in the perfect neighborhood. We can help you to explore your options and prioritize what matters most to you.

At Smith Mountain Homes, we specialize in helping people find and acquire their ideal homes. We’re ready to provide you with expert advice and assistance to make your home ownership a reality.

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Choosing a lake home design plan that fits your family.

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