How to Stage Your Home to Attract Buyers in any Market

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Right now, it’s a seller’s market. Selling your home at Smith Mountain Lake will be exponentially easier with buyers vying for and competing to make an offer on their new waterfront dream home. However, now is not the time to neglect the power of staging your home. In any market, home staging will help attract the right buyers to your home and get it sold faster.

Staging Your Home

Read on to learn more about staging your home in any market.

Clean Living Space

With a market that requires buyers to compete with one another for the highest offer, a home that appears clean and free of flaws will create a greater incentive to put in a more competitive offer on the home than they would on one that does not appear move-in ready.

Before you put any energy into the stylistic arrangement of your home staging, the first thing you need to do is ensure that the home is clean. When potential buyers walk through, they want to be able to envision their life there. Will they be working from home? Or entertaining friends and family whom they haven’t seen in months? With so much more time being spent in the home in today’s world, not only should it appear functional, but it must feel fresh and clean as well.

How To Stage Your Home

With people coming in and out of your home, it will be helpful to have a few things on hand to do any last-minute spot cleaning. Whether you have a viewing appointment pop up or you run out of supplies while you’re in the middle of a busy open house and can’t leave, try having a few cleaning basics delivered through a home essentials delivery service. This way you can easily keep the home looking its cleanest and most inviting to potential buyers.

Keep Staging Simple

When selecting items to include in your home staging process, start with the absolute bare minimum essentials. You want buyers to see that their belongings will fit in the room and be shown off nicely while at the same time creating an inviting feel to your home as it is.

The minimalism trend has become incredibly popular among the masses when it comes to home decor. Shopping for a new home can be stressful and overwhelming, and one way of alleviating this feeling for home-buyers is by staging a minimally decorated home that they can envision themselves living in and making their own.

Staging Your Lake Home

When staging your home with a minimal, yet modern design, buyers with a keen eye for home decor will be more likely to compete with other buyers who are also putting in offers on the home. On the flip side, in a buyer’s market, this method of home styling can help convince buyers that your home is the one they should choose over others on the market because they can envision themselves living there and customizing the space to their own needs.

Create A Vision of “Home”

When staging your home’s various rooms, do so with the vision of it being a full-time home, workspace, learning environment, and entertainment space. Rather than setting up a guest room, perhaps use the space to show off a possible home office. Instead of just a playroom, you could opt for a functional and comfortable home learning space.

When a buyer sees that the home has the potential to cater to modern living conditions such as working or learning from home, they will be drawn to these unique features. Buyers are more likely to favor a home that works with these new lifestyle trends and therefore will be more attracted to your home over others on the market. These are the kinds of useful ideas that don’t just make or break a space but ultimately sell the home.

Whatever the status of the real estate market, staging your home is your chance to make it stand out among the competition. Whether your goal is to accept a high offer in a seller’s market, or simply get your home sold quickly in a buyer’s market, understanding what buyers are looking for, and reflecting that in your home staging is what will make all the difference in the home selling process.

Staging Your SML Home
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