Sell Your Home Faster and For Better Price

How To Sell Your Home Faster and For A Better Price

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Stage Your Smith Mountain Home to Sell in a Weekend

Do you want to sell your Smith Mountain home for top dollar? 77% of realtors reported home staging as beneficial in helping to sell your home faster and for higher prices. You will have a lot to consider before listing your home for sale, but if you want to make as much as possible from your home, you will need to add home staging to the list of considerations. The good news is that you can stage your home to sell in just one weekend.

Sell Your Home Faster
What is Staging you may ask? Home Staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale in the real estate marketplace. The goal is to make your home as appealing to the highest number of potential buyers as possible by working with the flow of the home, eliminating clutter, replacing and arranging furniture, and much more. The end goal is to sell your property more swiftly and for more money. Below are some prime ideas for staging your home.
Declutter and depersonalize
Removing clutter will prevent the house from feeling small and cramped and don’t forget the closets and cabinets. Removing everything except the essentials from storage areas will convince potential buyers that the house has more than enough storage space. Storage is particularly important to lake home buyers who will need a place to store their summer accessories, such as swimwear, cook-out gear, fishing equipment, kayaks, and more. You should also remove personal belongings like family photos and accessories unique to your pastes. Giving the buyers a clean slate will help them focus on the structure instead of your personal belongings. It will also make it easier for buyers to picture themselves living in the home, which is the first step toward making a sale.
Clean from top to bottom
With the clutter cleared, you can deep clean the house from top to bottom. Even in gorgeous Smith Mountain Homes, issues with cleanliness are often among the worst home-showing offenses. Even though we all live with a certain amount of dust and dirt, buyers may take it as a warning sign of possible neglect. They may see dusty baseboards and jump to inaccurate conclusions about a lack of general home maintenance. So clean every possible, visible surface and do your best to keep the house immaculate for showings.
 Sell Your Home For Bigger Price

Show off ‘his’ and ‘hers’ spaces
If your house has specific spaces for him and her, highlight them. More buyers are looking for private spaces that they can call their own and where they can get time alone. Perhaps it’s because more people are working from home and need a space where they can concentrate, Or it could be that both adults are working outside the home and need a private leisure space to recuperate after a long day. Regardless of the reason, buyers are willing to pay to get their own space. If you don’t already have a man cave and a ma’am cave, consider repurposing a basement, attic, shed, or garage.

Strategically position furniture and artwork
The last step in your one-weekend staging project is to arrange your furniture and artwork to make a good impression on potential buyers. Position furniture in groups that would facilitate conversation. For example, instead of having all living room seating facing the TV, turn the chairs to face the sofa as if you were expecting a group of people to come over. This will make the space feel more intimate and inviting. If your furniture is worn in places, invest in furniture slipcovers. If the paint is blah add a fresh coat……and don’t forget to pay special attention to outdoor spaces as well (potted plants, tasteful decor, etc). Smith Mountain Lake buyers want a beautiful dream home where they can relax and enjoy the fresh air.

Now that you have your home perfectly staged, it will be key to have a professional photographer take pictures of the results. That’s pretty much all there is to it. In a single weekend, you can rearrange, de-clutter, clean, show off your charming spaces, and position your furniture to invite your buyers to see themselves living in the house. Your work will pay off when your house sells sooner and for more money than your competition.

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