Lakeside Dining: 5 of Smith Mountain Lake’s Best Restaurants

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For those who are new or unfamiliar to the Smith Mountain Lake area, or for lake veterans in search of the best, this guide shows off five of Smith Mountain Lake’s Best Restaurants and their cuisine.

The Landing

Providing cuisine with French influence and American sensibility, The Landing is a Smith Mountain Lake hot spot that never disappoints.  The Landing also has gorgeous outdoor, waterfront dining options, including a smoke free patio and outdoor bar. Owner Bruno Silva is dedicated to working with the freshest, most local ingredients possible to create the dishes on his menu. This is one of Smith Mountain Lake’s Best Restaurants.

Smith Mountain Lake's Best RestaurantsPhoto by The Landing

“My goal is to do everything local, not with big distributors,” Silva says, “I’d rather do business with locals, even if it means paying more. Because, at the end of the day, the quality products that our local growers have make amazing dishes!”

The Landing also operates its own food truck, Bruno’s Gastro Truck, which can be found roaming Roanoke, Salem, and other surrounding areas. For more information about The Landing, visit their website.

The Blackwater Café

The Blackwater Café has long been a fine dining fixture in Smith Mountain Lake. Joining French and Italian cuisine, The Blackwater Café serves a variety of steak, seafood, and pasta dishes. And for those with gluten sensitivity, there are ample gluten-free options.

Smith Mountain Lake's Best RestaurantsPhoto by Robert Donovan

The café’s monthly wine themed dinners are a major local attraction. Fine wines, paired with a five-course menu, are served on the second Tuesday of each month. Be sure to book your spot early, because they go fast! More information about The Blackwater Café and their monthly wine dinners can be found here.

Casa D’Amici

Smith Mountain Lake’s own authentic Italian eatery, Casa D’Amici serves up beloved classics, such as Chicken Parmesan, Manicotti, and Veal Sorrentino. And with its fine ambiance, Casa D’Amici is the perfect spot for a romantic dinner or dessert.

Smith Mountain Lake's Best RestaurantsPhoto by Artizone

For a full listing of Casa D’Amici’s menu, visit their website at this link: Casa D’Amici.

Downtown Pizzeria

For those times when only a pizza will satisfy, Downtown Pizzeria is by far Smith Mountain Lake’s best spot for pizza.  There’s no shortage of toppings either; from pineapple to pepperoni, Downtown has you covered.

Smith Mountain Lake's Best RestaurantsPhoto by Dennis Wilkinson

Aside from pizza, Downtown also serves several subs, pasta dinners, and salads to accommodate any taste or craving. To see all available toppings and dishes, check out Downtown Pizzeria’s full menu here: Downtown Pizzeria.

Edo Grill and Sushi

Finding quality sushi can be a challenge, especially when supermarket California rolls and subpar sushi are so common. For authentic, fresh, and premium sushi in the Smith Mountain Lake area, Edo Grill is the place to go. With a diverse selection of Maki, Nigiri, and Sahimi, Edo Grill can satisfy even the most discerning sushi fan.

sushi_rainbow_rollPhoto by Linh Nguyen

For the less adventurous, cooked entrees featuring chicken, seafood, and steak are also available. Edo Grill’s menu can be seen here: Edo Grill and Sushi.

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