To Your Health,

To Your Health

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The health of those you love at Smith Mountain Lake may be improved by a service or healthcare opportunity offered by nearby groups and businesses. Have you ever considered trying yoga? Classes are now available. Do you have a family …

10 Things Cucumbers Are Great For

10 Cucumber Cures

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Our garden and many others at Smith Mountain Lake are running over with delicious cucumbers this season. Maybe you love them as much as we do. We eat them in salads, sprinkled with salt for a snack, made up in …

Diseases Of The Eye

Diseases of the Eye

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Unfortunately, the nice folks at Smith Mountain Lake are not immune to disease any more than people anywhere. Arguably, one of the worst diseases or illnesses anyone could get would be one that affected their eyesight. I learned recently that …

Allergy Fighters

Allergy Fighters

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Allergy season at Smith Mountain Lake is in full swing. Sneezing, coughing, watery eyes, runny nose, headache, congestion, and even mild dizziness are symptoms I hear from folks wherever I go these days. And of course, it is not hard …

The Health Benefits Of Oregano

The Benefits of Oregano

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I know that many of our readers at Smith Mountain Lake like to know about natural remedies that work. I know I am always interested in avoiding chemicals and their side effects whenever possible. From what I have heard and …

Aspartame Disguised As New Sweetener

Aspartame Disguised As New Sweetener

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I came across some news that is relevant to all at Smith Mountain Lake who are concerned about their health. The following is from Dr. Mercola’s Website. Aspartame producer Ajinomoto is launching a new initiative that will re-brand the sweetener …